Meet Our Frenchies

Meet Brutus our Blue and Tan Stud.  He carries cream, pied and co (cocoa).  

He is on the smaller side but is very muscular.  Loves to be wherever we are.

Meet Sophie.

She is our cream female that carries blue, cocoa, and pied.  She is our love bug full of energy and such a good mama.


Meet Daisy.  

She is a standard fawn.  She loves to play and is extra affectionate.

Meet Piper.

She is our standard cream.  Piper's coat is extra soft.  She is our "Princess" frenchie for sure.  No playing in the dirt for this girl.


Of course we have our retired crew that are not pictured here but living their best lives.  Plus a few up and coming (Zoey & Lola) that we are excited to introduce.  Updates and pictures coming soon.